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About Teds sustainable dog food

What is teds?
Our mission is to make sustainable change easy for every owner. We do this through our insect-based dog food. In addition to the fact that Teds insect-based dog food is super healthy for your dog, is naturally hypoallergenic, our kibble is also super sustainable because growing insects generates minimal CO2 emissions.
Why did Teds start dog food?

Our founders have been doing business together within sustainable human nutrition for many years. They saw many similarities in the challenge within human nutrition as in animal nutrition. In the area of health, but mainly in the area of sustainability. Whereas in human nutrition there are many initiatives in this area, they saw little happening in the animal nutrition sector. That is why they took the bull by the horns and started Teds to show that things can be done differently. And should.

Why does Teds sell insect-based dog food?

Insects are underrated in our eyes. They are packed with nutrients for your dog, are naturally hypoallergenic, and dogs also find the meaty taste immensely delicious. In addition, insects are super sustainable to grow. There is no plant or animal that scores better on all these facets, so for us the choice was easy.

Your dog & Teds

Can I just switch from my current food to Teds?

Switching to Teds goes very smoothly provided you go through the right steps. There are several ways to switch to a new kibble. These ways differ if you look at the kibble you are currently feeding and the kibble you are switching to.

Cold-turkey, overnight immediate changeover, necessary when switching from extruded to pressed kibble or vice versa.

We recommend switching your dog to our food at one time if you go from pressed to crockpot or vice versa. It is important here that you do not not mix the two. It may occur that the stool is slightly different than normal due to the change, this is not serious. Give your dog time to get used to it.

According to the following changeover schedule when going from pressed to pressed or crispy to crunchy. Make sure you still have enough of the old feed in the house to make a smooth transition.

Step 1: 25% of Teds and 75% of the old dog food. The dog can get used to this for two days. Then you can continue to slowly phase out the old dog food.

Step 2: 50% of Teds and 50% of the old dog food. Again, it is important to let the dog get used to this for two or three days.

Step 3: 75% of Teds and 25% of the old dog food. The dog is now almost completely switched to Teds dog food. Do this for 2 days.

Step 4: 100% Teds 0% of the old dog food. Now your dog is completely switched to Teds dog food.

Note: When switching from an extruded (crispy) kibble to pressed kibble or vice versa, we do not recommend switching using the switching schedule.

Don't change your own behavior when feeding your dog. This may cause your dog to change his own behavior as well. Should you experience any problems, please contact us. 


Does my dog like Teds?

95% of the dogs in our test panel chose Teds. This was the result of a test conducted over several days with a dozen dogs. So we will be surprised if your dog will not like it!

What types of dogs or breeds is Teds suitable for?

Teds dog food is an All-Breed dog kibble do is formulated with experienced developers and nutritionists. This means that the kibble is suitable for all types of dogs and breeds. In formulating it, we looked for a perfect balance of nutrients in line with the FEDIAF guidelines for a balanced diet. Each bag also includes a nutrition chart that gives you easy insight into how many grams of Teds kibble you should give your dog per day.

How much should I feed?

The number of calories your dog needs each day depends on a few things. The main ones are weight and age.

How do I store Teds?

Teds is best stored in the bag you buy it in. This is because it is designed to keep the food tasty and nutritious for a long time.

good for the planet, great for your dog

Why is insect protein more sustainable than meat protein?

Insect protein production requires significantly less energy, water and area than meat and fish production. This makes insect protein production much more economical and sustainable. In addition, our insects are fed with waste streams from the food industry, which would otherwise end up in the trash. This makes the production process of our insect protein circular. As a result, we believe we have found a protein source with a minimal footprint.

What is the climate impact of Teds vs. meat?

Great. Insect production is so efficient that compared to chicken meat, as much as 85% less CO2 is emitted, 95% less water is used and 85% less land is needed for 1KG of protein. And to think that cows are even less sustainable.

How are the insects bred? Is this done in an animal-friendly way?

Our insects are immensely well cared for. They live under the most favorable and natural conditions. The Black Soldier Fly larvae live free from any discomfort and can exhibit their natural behavior in peace. Our specially developed, self-produced enclosures contain a modern feeding system so they always have enough food at their disposal. Nature is simulated by the most realistic tropical temperature, light and humidity. Due to these perfect living conditions, the flies produce many high quality eggs. These eggs hatch after an average of four days, after which the larvae are fed with organic vegetable waste. Most of the larvae are then harvested, with a small portion of the larvae allowed to grow further to eventually produce eggs again as flies.

What type of insect do you use and why?

Teds uses the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) in its products, specifically the larvae of this fly. The BSF is a super efficient insect in converting waste streams into nutrient-rich proteins and fats. In addition, the larvae grow to maximum size in two weeks and are then packed with good nutrients. These have a real meaty taste that your dog is already starting to salivate over!

Health & allergies

Is it safe for my dog to eat food containing insects?

100%. All our products are developed according to European guidelines, controlled by the FEDIAF. In addition, our insects come from a close partner with a lot of experience in the field of breeding insects. Therefore, you can let your dog enjoy Teds with confidence.

Should my dog not eat meat?

Insects are a sustainable and complete source of nutrition for all living things. So complete that we believe our kibble with insect protein is the pet food of the future. Due to the presence of minerals, essential amino acids, healthy lipids and natural high-quality protein, insects are one of the most complete sources of nutrition for your dog. And all wrapped up in a tasty kibble!

Dogs don't naturally eat insects, right?

Have you ever seen a dog catch a cow? Probably an insect. By nature, it actually makes much more sense to eat insects than cow, salmon or organic kangaroo. In addition, we follow all European regulations and work with a team of developers and nutritionists with the very best knowledge.

Is insect protein qualitatively/nutritional better than meat?

Dog food must contain a mandatory number of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to provide dogs with a balanced and nutritious diet. Scientific research suggests that insects contain more of these amino acids than most other animal protein sources. To conclude from this that insect protein is better may be too short of the mark. But they are certainly not inferior to meat!

My dog suffers from allergies, is Teds hypoallergenic?

Yes, Teds is hypoallergenic. Allergies are caused by certain substances (often proteins) to which dogs are sensitive. This is increasingly common because dogs have been fed the same nutrients for years. Insects are a new protein source and, to our knowledge, there are no known cases of dogs being sensitive to insect protein. Unlike other hypoallergenic foods where proteins are cut up (hydrolyzed), the insects in Teds are already naturally hypoallergenic.

My dog has fast bowel problems, is Teds good for my dog?

Science shows that insect protein provides good support for intestinal function. Insect protein is a short protein and therefore easier to digest. In addition, research shows that eating insects has a high anti-inflammatory effect for dogs, counteracting many ailments.

My dog suffers from itching or other physical discomfort. Is Teds a good product to remedy this?

Itching, or other discomfort, can have several causes. So it is always difficult to say what the cause is. Always ask a veterinarian for advice first. However, research does show that insects have an anti-inflammatory effect that can alleviate or sometimes even remedy discomfort, unlike many other animal protein sources.

all about ordering on our website

What countries do you deliver to?

We currently deliver in the Netherlands and Belgium. We ship our products with CO2 neutral PostNL. For more information about sustainable delivery by PostNL, click here.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible. Ordered on weekdays before 2 p.m.? Then we will ship your package the same day. In almost all cases you will receive your order the next day. In Belgium it can be 1 day later. 

You will receive a track&trace link from us where you can track your order. 


You can easily pay with the most common payment methods. Subsequent payments can be made through a third party. 

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