Adult wet food with black soldier

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Teds is a dog food for flexitarian dogs; better for your dog and better for the world.

> Hypoallergenic insect protein
> Good for stomach and intestines
> For a beautiful coat and skin
> Good for the world, great for your dog



Already thousands of dogs enjoy teds every day

Palatability is very important to us. More than 95% of all dogs choose Teds dog food over other brands.

This high wagging score makes feeding Teds not only good but also tasty.


100x more sustainable dog food

With our food, we want to reduce the C02 impact of our four-legged friends.

We are committed to a C02 positive product, transportation and business. We are well on our way to making our entire production C02 positive already.  

Super healthy insect protein

A dog is not a vegetarian that is why we use the super healthy Dutch-produced protein from the black soldier.

This sustainable protein source is a great alternative to offal or animal by-products. Those don't come into our house, of course! 

Teds wet food is easily digestible by using insects instead of traditional meat such as beef or chicken. Ideal as a complete dog food or as an addition to Teds dog food.


Teds was the first in the world to launch wet food based on Black Soldier insects. Not only do dogs love it, Teds has created a highly nutritious, flavorful and sustainable alternative to existing wet food products. Cause:

1. Highly nutritious and full of flavor
2. Contributes positively to heart and kidneys
3. Helps digestion
World's most sustainable wet food product 4.

What's in Teds' wet food?

Teds' wet food consists of 48% insects. Combined with vegetables such as peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and fruits such as cranberries. Together with vegetable ingredients, these provide better intestinal function and digestion for your four-legged friend. By using insects, Teds snacks are naturally hypoallergenic. In addition, the oils and fats ensure your dog's shiny coat.

Sustainable dog food

Where good nutrition and a sustainable future come together. We represent a new guard of dog owners. Who strive for better ingredients and a conscious lifestyle. Not only for ourselves, but also for our faithful four-legged friends. We do this by replacing traditional meat & fish with insect protein. This way your dog still gets all the nutrients he needs and at the same time you contribute to a more sustainable world.

Tasty and healthy

Hypoallergenic and flavorful. Of course, your dog deserves the very best. The wet food is hypoallergenic, rich in nutrients and contains essential amino acids. Protein from insects is also easily digestible, so you can enjoy it without worries. And not unimportantly; all this is also in good taste. In our dog panel, 95% of all dogs chose Teds over the traditional food tested.

Good for your dog and the planet

Insect-based dog food. We believe that your dog deserves the best food while you can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. We do this by replacing the protein in the food with insect protein. Insects also have a higher quality protein profile than cow meat (and many other meats).

Growing insects also requires a lot less water and nutrition than conventional feed. The CO2 emission during the growth of insects is about 50x less than that of a cow. From now on, your dog can also do his part, without compromising on taste and health!


48% Insects, vegetables (4% peas, carrots, sweet potato), vegetable by-products (0.4% inulin), minerals, fruits (0.65% dried cranberries).

Nutritional additives/kg

Vitamin A: 35,000 IU, vitamin D3: 75 IU, vitamin E: 30 mg, Biotin (D-(+)-Biotin): 100ug, copper (copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate): 1.0 mg, zinc (zinc sulfate, monohydrate): 15 mg, manganese (manganese(II) oxide): 6 mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous): 0.3 mg

Analytical constituents

Crude protein: 7.5%, crude fat: 5.5%, crude ash: 2.0%, crude fiber: 1.0%, moisture: 76.0%

Nutritional advice

Adult weight (kg) Tubs per day
3 2
7 3,5
12 5,5
20 8

Answer any questions you may have

I find insects exciting. Is that good for dogs?

Insects are super healthy and sustainable. Have no fear: you won't find a leg of cricket or a whole mealworm in your dog's kibble. To make Teds, they use the larvae of the (Black Soldier) black soldier fly, which is ground up after harvesting.

The life cycle of the black soldier fly takes about 6 weeks. In special fly chambers, where tropical heat is simulated, the eggs grow into larvae. These are used as a protein source for making our dog food.

There have been hundreds of studies on the use of Insects in pet food. Our Dutch supplier Protix is one of the world's leading producers of high quality protein. If you want to know more about how this protein source is made watch the video below.

Tip: Ask your current dog food brand for a video of their protein source production. That suddenly makes our food even more appealing 🙂

What about the sustainability of your products?


Insect protein and minimal carbon footprint. 20% of the total meat production goes directly to our pets. And thus contributes to a significant portion of our CO2 footprint. Insect protein production requires much less land, energy and water than meat and fish production. Therefore, we believe that the time for traditional pet food is over. As true carnivores, dogs need animal protein. Replacing traditional meat and fish with insects reduces the carbon footprint without compromising your four-legged friend's needs. After all, insects have a much higher protein content (70%) than traditional meat (25%).


We package our kibble in mono-plastic recyclable containers. 

Can a dog be allergic to your food?
Teds is hypoallergenic. Allergies are caused by certain substances (often proteins) to which dogs are sensitive.

This is increasingly common because dogs have been fed the same nutrients for years or of very low quality (offal).

Insects are a new protein source and, to our knowledge, there are no known cases of dogs being sensitive to insect protein. Unlike other hypoallergenic foods where protein is cut up (hydrolyzed), the insects in Teds are already naturally hypoallergenic.

Switching to Teds how do I do it?

Switching to Teds goes very smoothly provided you go through the right steps. There are several ways to switch to a new kibble. These ways differ if you look at the kibble you are currently feeding and the kibble you are switching to.

Cold-turkey, overnight immediate changeover, necessary when switching from extruded to pressed kibble or vice versa.

We recommend switching your dog to our food at one time if you go from pressed to crockpot or vice versa. It is important here that you do not not mix the two. It may occur that the stool is slightly different than normal due to the change, this is not serious. Give your dog time to get used to it.

According to the following changeover schedule when going from pressed to pressed or crispy to crunchy. Make sure you still have enough of the old feed in the house to make a smooth transition.

Step 1: 25% of Teds and 75% of the old dog food. The dog can get used to this for two days. After that, you can continue to slowly phase out the old dog food.

Step 2: 50% of Teds and 50% of the old dog food. Again, it is important to let the dog get used to this for two or three days.

Step 3: 75% of Teds and 25% of the old dog food. The dog is now almost completely switched to Teds dog food. Do this for 2 days.

Step 4: 100% Teds 0% of the old dog food. Now your dog is completely switched to Teds dog food.

Note: When switching from an extruded (crispy) kibble to pressed kibble or vice versa, we do not recommend switching using the switching schedule.

Don't change your own behavior when feeding your dog. This may cause your dog to change his own behavior as well. Should you experience any problems, please contact us. 

Have another question? Please contact contact with us.
We are happy to help you


2 reviews for Adult wet food with black soldier

  1. Daniel -

    We give our sensitive dogs this food. They respond well to it, nice stools no itching or other reaction. And we contribute this way. That is of course very nice.

  2. Pete -

    Yup, great wet food. The dogs love it. We mix it with the kibble a few times a week. I sometimes read something about wagging moments...well when we feed this food for sure!

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